Toyota Mirai Production Boosted Before Debut

When Toyota first announced the sale of its first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, called the Mirai, the vehicle garnered a lot of interest. After the Mirai made its debut a few months ago, this interest increased drastically with over 16,000 orders in the United States alone. Because of this, Toyota Mirai production is already being increased, even though the eco-friendly vehicle isn’t in dealers’ showrooms yet.

The Mirai uses hydrogen to create a zero-emissions method of transportation. Instead of gas exhaust, like many cars emit, the Mirai’s exhaust is actually a pure water vapor that does no harm to the environment. The vehicle is currently on sale in Japan, where it is also produced, and it is proving to be extremely popular.

The Toyota Mirai can be leased for $499 a month and will be arriving in the United States in October. While the vehicle will be produced in a small volume, it’s possible that this is the step the car industry needs towards mainstreaming hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. For more information about the Mirai, contact Krause Toyota today!

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