New Toyota Hydrogen Car Comes with Incredible Range

New Toyota Hydrogen Car

We’ve been ready for the new Toyota hydrogen car to hit our inventory here at Krause Toyota for a very long time, and while we don’t know when it will hit our lineup specifically, we do know it will land in California this fall. The fuel cell vehicle, called the Toyota Mirai, will boast an incredibly high fuel efficiency and overall range, getting the EPA-estimated equivalent of 67 mpg and going 312 miles on a single hydrogen fill-up.

Toyota has really poured tons of support and effort into the fuel cell vehicle market, and they hope to continue to pique customers’ interest in fuel cell vehicles going forward. In fact, the country of Japan wants to exhibit fuel cell vehicles proudly at the 2020 Olympics and the Toyota brand would be a very large part of that showcase.

However, for now, we face the simple challenge of converting our customers over to the zero-emissions way of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Many people are skeptical of the practicality and feasibility of the hydrogen car, but Toyota overcame similar objections when it created the Prius in 1997. Two decades later, we’ve learned to trust the brand’s good sense of direction. Come see us here at Krause Toyota to learn more.

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