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Thanksgiving Road Trip Games

Spending time on the road to visit your family can be a little boring, especially if you’re traveling for hours on end. We here at Krause Toyota have a few Thanksgiving road trip games that will help pass the time this holiday season.

I Spy

A true road trip classic, I Spy has been around for decades, which means almost every driver is familiar with it. Explaining the rules to kids is a pretty straightforward task. Simply start the game by saying “I spy with my little eye something that begins with (letter of an object or landmark).” The person who guesses the object or landmark correctly then makes their own I spy statement, and so on.


Older kids might get bored with I Spy after a few short minutes on the road, especially if you’re traveling through a dull landscape. Fortunately, the Geography game will help their minds stay active, even when they’re stuck in the car. Using geographic bodies, such as countries, the next player must follow another country that begins with the last player of the previous country. For example, France would be followed by England which would be followed by Denmark, and so on.

Two Truths and a Lie

Test your knowledge of your passengers by playing Two Truths and a Lie. Each player will make three statements, two of which will be true. Other passengers must then guess which statement is the lie.

Halloween Safety Tips

October has finally arrived and in just a few weeks the kids will be gearing up to collect some free candy! There’s a lot that goes into Halloween from a parent’s side, including costume preparation and supervising, so here are a few Halloween safety tips from us at Krause Toyota to make this year’s holiday one of the best!

  • Halloween Safety TipsCostumes – A costume is necessary for trick-or-treat night, unless you’re a teenager out for free candy. Make sure your child’s costume fits well and doesn’t drag along the ground. The last thing any parent needs is an injury due to tripping. Large masks can make it hard to see, so use makeup or face paint when possible. Attach a glow stick to your child’s costume to make them easier to spot as they walk back down the driveways with their loot!
  • Supervising – Supervising a large group of kids can be incredibly difficult, especially if they’re hyped up on candy. Kids older than the age of 12 can generally be out without supervision provided they stay to familiar areas and are in groups. Those under the age of 12 should be reminded not to run into the road and to stick to sidewalks. Make sure you aren’t distracted by a smartphone or other device!
  • Driving – Driving can be hazardous towards the end of the year. Check what time your area is holding trick-or-treat hours and avoid driving if possible. If not, keep a sharp eye out for children and drive slow!