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Have some Family Fun in Breinigsville in August

family fun in Breinigsville

Can you believe the summer is winding down already? August is here, which means the kids will be headed back to school before you know it. Before they land back behind a desk, celebrate National Family Fun month with some great family fun in Breinigsville.

  • Liber-Tee Mini Golf. Right here in Breinigsville is this fun miniature golf course with 18 holes. There is an on-site picnic area, so pack your lunch or dinner. Located off Route 100 and I-78.
  • Da Vinci Science Center. In nearby Allentown is the Da Vinci Science Center. Have tons of fun while learning a few things at the same time.
  • Paint on Main. Get in touch with your creative side with step-by-step artist-led classes for adults and children. Located in nearby Emmaus.
  • Shankweilers Drive-in Theatre. Nothing says summer like spending a night under the stars watching movies at the drive-in. Visit the oldest Drive-in Movie Theatre in America, located in nearby Orefield. It has been in continuous operation since 1934.

What is your favorite family fun activity near Breinigsville?

Fact vs Fiction: Should You Warm Your Car Up in the Winter?

It’s the age-old myth; you need to let your car idle before driving off in cold weather. But should you warm up your car in the winter, really?

The simple answer is no. Assuming your car is less than 20 years old, there is no reason to let your car idle in the winter; in fact, doing so causes more harm than good.

There is just one benefit to warming up your car in the winter – it’s warm when you get in. Outside of your coziness, nothing positive comes from running your car before leaving your garage.

Here are the risks:

Idling hurts the car. Idling forces the car to run in an incredibly inefficient mode. Cars are designed to move (even in freezing temperatures), not sit still.

Warming up your car costs money. Allowing your car to run when you aren’t driving it is a waste of gas, and will cost you at the pump (which you’ll be visiting more often). After ten seconds of idling, it’s more efficient to turn your car off and restart it instead of allowing it to run, according to the Environmental Defense Fund.

Letting your car run in a garage is dangerous. The carbon monoxide emitted when your car runs can build up in an enclosed space, proving fatal for people who breathe it in.

Idling is bad for the environment (and you). Allowing your car to idle sends unnecessary gases into the environment. The exhaust emitted from vehicles have also proven to be hazardous to human health, with links to asthma and allergies, cancer, and heart and lung disease.

It’s faster to just drive the car. Once you get on the road, it only takes minutes for the engine to heat up and circulate warm air through the car. Compare that to the 15 or 20 minutes it takes for an idling car to warm up, and it’s clear that you can save yourself some serious time.

If your car is giving you winter-time trouble, stop by Krause Toyota Scion today! We’ll make sure your car is in tip-top condition to get you through the rest of the season!

Sands Bethlehem Event Center Adds More Fun

When looking for some fun and excitement in the local Allentown, Pennsylvania area, you might want to check out the Sands Bethlehem Event Center. While you may think of the event center as the place to go for concerts, comedy, and sports events, it’s also a great place for some fun nightlife.

Recently, Sands has updated its Vision Bar with acrobatic dancers (think Cirque de Soleil) on Saturday nights, a large dance floor, new light fixtures, and enhanced bottle service with some less expensive options.

“It’s an evolving business where you can’t just sit still,” Tom Schantz, co-owner of the event center, told The Morning Call. “Patrons grow older, and you have to bring the next round of 21-year-olds in to experience it. It’s a show. We added another dimension. Gave it a shot of energy and something new.”

Another addition to the event center is Chickie’s & Pete’s, which will take over concessions for the Visions Bar and the events at the Sands Bethlehem center. Delicious menu items include Crabfries, Crabbysweets sweet potato fries, chicken cheesesteaks, and more. Just like the Vision Bar, Chickie’s & Pete’s will open two hours before events start at the center.

Are you planning on visiting the new Chickie’s & Pete’s or updated Vision Bar at the Sands Bethlehem Event Center?