Toyota Ranks as the Most Valuable Automotive Brand in the World

When it comes to Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report, Toyota has had a lock on the position of the world’s highest-ranking auto brand since 2004. That didn’t change for the 2014 report. Yes, this year Toyota maintains its title as the most valuable automotive brand, while rising to the eighth spot overall on the global list of our planet’s 100 best brands.

Interbrand determines its list of the 100 best brands by analyzing the ability of the brand to attract customers and benefit the organization.

“We are honored to once again be included on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands, a distinction we owe to our dedicated associates, incredible dealers and loyal guests,” said Jack Hollis, vice president for Toyota Division Marketing. “At Toyota, we’re not just thinking about where the automobile industry is headed – we’re committed to leading the way to the future of mobility. This recognition from Interbrand is a testament to Toyota’s “Let’s Go Places” experience, and our strong commitment to our retail guests.”

We at Krause Toyota couldn’t be more proud to be a part of what makes Toyota such a strong brand. This report reflects how we, as part of the Toyota brand, are committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible. Let us know how we can serve you.

Toyota Gives Grant to Further Environmental Education in Kentucky

Kentucky has become a hub of business for Toyota over the years as they’ve brought plenty of factories through their manufacturing partners to the state. It’s no surprise, then, that Frankfort is the receiver of a recent grant from Toyota Motor Manufacturing for its Kentucky Environmental Council.

The grant is worth $10,000 and will go towards the 2014-15 Professional Environmental Educator Certification course.  The money will fund scholarships for educators and allow them to be trained in environmental education. This way, a wider group of Kentuckians can become better educated about environmental topics.

The point of these programs is to educate, not advocate, which means students are meant to make decisions of their own about the information they are given and choose what environmental issues they stand for. Educators are not to purposefully lead them one way or another. This is how the education programs remain professional.

This particular series of courses will take place over the span of four weeks. They’ll be held at state parks in Kentucky and at the Louisville Zoo in November.

We at Krause Toyota Scion are supportive of Toyota’s endorsement of these educational programs. And if you feel strongly about environmental issues, come visit us to check out our great lineup of hybrid and other fuel efficient Toyota vehicles.

Hybrid Synergy Drive Keeps Toyota Prius at the Top

Hybrid Synergy Drive

Toyota is celebrating 14 years of fuel-sipping technology and hybrid leadership with the launch of the new 2015 Prius, which continues the brand’s legacy of iconic style and clean, efficient energy.

The car goes to great lengths to reduce its footprint, both on the road and in the factory. Plant-derived, carbon-neutral plastics are used in the seat cushion foam, cowl side trim, inner and outer scuff plates, and deck trim cover. Meanwhile, ecological plastic is used to reduce CO2 emissions during production.

Thanks to Toyota’s advanced Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, the Prius also continues to lead the competition in efficiency. Under the hood, its 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder engine is paired with an electric motor to return 51 mpg city, 48 mpg highway, and 50 mpg combined. This efficiency is taken to even greater levels by the Prius’s 0.25 coefficient of drag—among the lowest of any production car—and its Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle certification.

There’s also the quality of build, the advanced technology, and the consistently high safety ratings to take into consideration, but those things really go without saying at Toyota. When it comes to saving money at the pump and saving CO2, the 2015 Toyota Prius is a clear choice. Get it today at Krause Toyota!

Scion’s Website Will See a New Customer-Centric Focus

Scion’s Website

In a move to better reach, connect with, and relate to Scion’s main audience, the automaker plans to refocus their efforts. The Millennial demographic is a segment of young people who like to express themselves creatively, and Scion plans to provide a website that will allow these customers to get the most out of their buying experience. In addition, the automaker will update their marketing messages.

Alexander Edwards, president of Strategic Vision, a San Diego consulting firm, said Scion should more closely identify with sister company Toyota and its reputation for reliability. Scion’s marketing will likely better communicate its reliability to young buyers in the years to come. “Reliability is foundational,” he said. “If the vehicle is not reliable, they won’t buy it.”

While reliability is always key, Scion has a chance to really stand out to young buyers for their unique style and understanding of individualism. With three new product launches planned for the next 30 months and an entirely new digital plan, the automaker hopes to make a stir in the marketplace. will soon provide a customer-centric experience, predicting the needs of the user and hopefully driving quality leads to viewers. The website will use a variety of information including sensory-based data to create a unique online customer experience.

Nancy Inouye, Scion’s national marketing communications manager, explains the customer-centric experience in a recent interview with “So, let’s say you’re in San Francisco. It will deliver the San Francisco-based image. And if you’re into going to art galleries, it will mirror your interests on our site and will show how the Scion vehicle can fit your lifestyle, predicting which Scion model is best for you.”

No exact date was provided for the timing of updating Scion’s website, but here at Krause Toyota Scion, we can’t wait to see how the personalized site impacts sales.

2015 Toyota Sienna Leaves Competitors in its Dust

2015 Toyota Sienna

Back in July, we gave you an overview of the 2015 Toyota Sienna, remarking on just how unique the van is in its segment. The minivan easily outperforms other vans and even includes cool little features like Driver Easy Speak, which allows you to chastise your kids (or annoy your kids) right through the car’s audio system. However, we now would like to highlight two very specific features that boost the Sienna past its competitors.

First, there’s the interior. Not that it’s just big, although, with a maximum of 142 cubic feet of cargo room, it certainly is that. It’s also that the car can fit up to eight passengers, and fit them quite comfortably, we might add. Even if you’ve got a big family to haul around with you, the Sienna has what it takes and then some.

That leads us to our second point: the Sienna is also the only minivan to come with an available all-wheel-drive feature, making it a capable and (dare we say it?) powerful offering in what’s usually considered a “frumpy” segment. Come see us at Krause Toyota Scion today to find out what else is surprising about the new Sienna!

Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0 Launches—1,500 Examples Only

Scion FR-S Release Series

What are you doing, reading this? Hurry! Head over to Krause Toyota now to get one of the first and few Scion FR-S Release Series 1.0!

No… you’re still here? Alrighty then. Well in case you didn’t know, the Release Series 1.0 is a new limited edition FR-S that Scion is launching as a modern homage to the sports coupe’s racing roots. It was revealed earlier this year at the New York International Auto Show and has now launched at dealerships nationwide, but only 1,500 examples were made.

It comes with a lovely coat of Yuzu exterior paint color and fancy features from Toyota Racing Development (TRD), including a Quad Tip Exhaust System, lowering springs, and a custom aero kit with a rear spoiler and side fender garnish. And, of course, each individual model has a sequential release series badge inlayed on its brushed aluminum shifter surround plate to indicate its exclusivity. Which, we’ll remind you, is quite high, so act fast if you want one!

Toyota Looking Toward a Safer Future for Drivers

Safer future for drivers

Although technology making vehicles that don’t require drivers is on the rise, Toyota is more focused on making a safer future for drivers. Rather than trying to deliver a driverless vehicle, Toyota is using automated technology to make vehicles safer.

Research into automated technology has yielded sensors, radars and cameras that all detect the surroundings of a vehicle. So, Toyota has chosen to use all of that new technology to help drivers drive safer, rather than eliminating them altogether.

Toyota has announced that they hope to put a range of crash-prevention technology in every one of its vehicles by 2017, and they will begin next year with some Lexus models.

The first iterations of preventive safety comes from remote sensing technology, which measures distance with a laser and uses the reflection to provide a view around all sides of the car. Not only with this show proximity, but it will also help improve mapping and GPS.

General Manager of Toyota’s Intelligent Vehicle Division Ken Koibuchi called it “a backseat driver without the nagging.” Make sure you come check out this new technology as soon as it’s available at Krause Toyota Scion.

The Scion FR-S Sports Coupe a “Joy to Drive”

2014 Scion FR-S Sports Coupe

A new review is praising the 2014 FR-S Sports Coupe as a “wonderfully stylish, great-handling, and performance-oriented offering” from Scion.

The article relates how the Scion brand began in 2002 as a way to appeal to younger consumers with “its combination of affordability, customization possibilities, and reputation for reliability.” Now, the FR-S is adding “a healthy dollop of performance” to that formula.

The reviewer writes that the newest edition of the FR-S “remains a joy to drive,” thanks to a boxer four-cyliner engine that produces 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque.

The FR-S is also praised for its “strong array of safety features,” tech features that include “a new-for-2014 built-in navigation system-satellite radio,” and gorgeous, attention-grabbing design. Interior-wise, the “surprisingly comfortable seats and driving position” and “intuitive controls” contribute to a fantastic driving experience.

The article concludes that a car this entertaining should have been badged “as the FUN instead of the FR-S.” To experience true FUN in all caps, stop by Krause Toyota Scion to test drive the FR-S Sports Coupe today.

Toyota’s FT-1 Car Concept Turns Heads

FT-1 Car Concept

Car designers draw inspiration from all walks of life, sometimes from nature, other times from architecture. For Toyota’s FT-1 car concept, the inspiration came from an entirely unexpected place—modern day superheroes. With its graphite exterior paint and supple, saddle-colored leather, the FT-1 is ready to help fight evil with the simple rev of an engine.


After its debut in January at the North American International Auto Show, the FT-1 concept underwent multiple changes, the most notable being the change from black leather to a saddle-color that enhances the all-natural grain. Based on the high-tech performance materials used for today’s superhero costumes, the leather interior has painted brown edges that enhance the luxurious experience.


This stunning new concept car, which was developed by Calty Design Research in Newport each, first went on display at the Gordon McCall’s Motorworks Revival gala. While it’s likely it won’t reach production, the FT-1 will be available to download on Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation3. If you are looking for a Toyota worthy of your own superhero, stop in to Krause Toyota Scion today!

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Makes Debut in San Francisco

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle

The Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle, at least in San Francisco, is “coming soon” no longer. At the annual American Chemical Society meeting, Toyota rolled out the FCV, showing off their revolutionary new car before its official dealership debut next year. Hopefully, by then, the vehicle will sport a better, more memorable name as well, a name that better captures the radical and ground-breaking nature of the vehicle.

The FCV “runs on hydrogen and produces no exhaust other than water vapor,” giving it an advantage over other forms of electric vehicles “because they can refuel in as little as three minutes – provided the driver has access to a hydrogen fueling station – and can drive hundreds of miles on a tank.”

While the FCV will first hit Japan, then move to dealerships in the Golden State, here at Krause Toyota Scion we’re expecting the FCV to be a huge hit—and we’d guesss it will move across the United States very quickly over the next couple. Make sure to check back with us on the blog early and often for more fuel cell vehicle news.

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