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Design of Fifth-Generation Toyota Prius Inspired By Lady Gaga

fifth-generation Toyota prius

You wouldn’t believe what goes into the design of a vehicle, especially a vehicle as unique as the Toyota Prius. The story of its latest incarnation saw an initial design that was scrapped and then later, designers reaching for a surprising source of inspiration—Lady Gaga.

Toyota had found that although the Prius was evolving immensely, technologically speaking, people were finding the design less and less “new and sophisticated.” An earlier design by Shunsaku Kodama, the chief designer of the next-generation Toyota Prius, was rejected by his bosses for being “too soft and organic.”

From there, Kodama decided to make the design a bit more “techy,” adding sharp lines. He also wanted some element of “extreme” in his design. More specifically, as he told Automotive News, “As a concept, we were thinking Lady Gaga. We wanted to be more extreme in our design.”

Lady Gaga manages to be both edgy and stylish while delivering solid and quality songwriting. The fifth-generation Toyota Prius looks to do the same thing, although exchanging the songwriting for an efficient and rewarding driving experience. Stop into Krause Toyota Scion to learn more!

New Toyota Hydrogen Car Comes with Incredible Range

New Toyota Hydrogen Car

We’ve been ready for the new Toyota hydrogen car to hit our inventory here at Krause Toyota for a very long time, and while we don’t know when it will hit our lineup specifically, we do know it will land in California this fall. The fuel cell vehicle, called the Toyota Mirai, will boast an incredibly high fuel efficiency and overall range, getting the EPA-estimated equivalent of 67 mpg and going 312 miles on a single hydrogen fill-up.

Toyota has really poured tons of support and effort into the fuel cell vehicle market, and they hope to continue to pique customers’ interest in fuel cell vehicles going forward. In fact, the country of Japan wants to exhibit fuel cell vehicles proudly at the 2020 Olympics and the Toyota brand would be a very large part of that showcase.

However, for now, we face the simple challenge of converting our customers over to the zero-emissions way of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Many people are skeptical of the practicality and feasibility of the hydrogen car, but Toyota overcame similar objections when it created the Prius in 1997. Two decades later, we’ve learned to trust the brand’s good sense of direction. Come see us here at Krause Toyota to learn more.

The New Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Carries on Toyota’s Tradition

Toyota RAV4 hybrid

Toyota is introducing a new hybrid entry into their lineup. This shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore, really.  Toyota has made a name for themselves amongst major automakers for being on the leading-edge of alternative propulsion.

It started with the Toyota Prius, an undeniable trailblazer that single-handedly carved a niche for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Now it looks as if Toyota is poised to do the same thing for fuel-cell vehicles, with the Toyota Mirai.

As for this new entry, the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is being unveiled this week at the New York Auto Show. As USA Today notes, the RAV4 should have a bit more room for battery storage, being an SUV, so it’s reasonable to expect a generous range.

The new hybrid compact SUV complements the larger Toyota Highlander, a full-size SUV that Toyota recently started producing as a hybrid. These two SUVs going green fulfill “Toyota’s pledge to extend hybrid technology across its line.”