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The Standard Safety in the 2017 Toyota Highlander Gets High Rating

2017 Toyota Highlander

Toyota is a popular automobile manufacturer for a reason. Toyotas are comfortable, reliable, and safe. Really safe. For some time, Toyota has offered one of the safest overall lineups, earning more Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick + awards than any other manufacturer. The 2017 Toyota Highlander is one of many Toyotas on the list.

 The Top Safety Pick + award is the highest one given by the IIHS. To qualify, an automobile must pass five different crash tests with good ratings. These tests examine a vehicle’s front end, its sides, its roof strength, and its head restraints. A vehicle must also have acceptable or good headlight ratings. If a vehicle can pass all of these standards, then the IIHS rating will indicate that it is one of the safest options in its vehicle class.

 With so many advanced safety features and technologies, there are many automobiles who receive these awards from the IIHS. However, Toyota’s mid-size SUV is an exceptional example. Where most other vehicles only meet these safety ratings with the addition of optional features, the 2017 Highlander is safe and secure from the get-go, no matter which trim you choose. It’s the standard safety in the 2017 Toyota Highlander that makes it a Top Safety Pick plus. The Highlander is one of many Top Safety Pick Toyota vehicles, and one of many ways in which Toyota continues to put the customer’s best interest first.

The New Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Carries on Toyota’s Tradition

Toyota RAV4 hybrid

Toyota is introducing a new hybrid entry into their lineup. This shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore, really.  Toyota has made a name for themselves amongst major automakers for being on the leading-edge of alternative propulsion.

It started with the Toyota Prius, an undeniable trailblazer that single-handedly carved a niche for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Now it looks as if Toyota is poised to do the same thing for fuel-cell vehicles, with the Toyota Mirai.

As for this new entry, the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is being unveiled this week at the New York Auto Show. As USA Today notes, the RAV4 should have a bit more room for battery storage, being an SUV, so it’s reasonable to expect a generous range.

The new hybrid compact SUV complements the larger Toyota Highlander, a full-size SUV that Toyota recently started producing as a hybrid. These two SUVs going green fulfill “Toyota’s pledge to extend hybrid technology across its line.”