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Krause Toyota Wins Prestigious Leadership & Small Business Awards

top work places 2017 - krause toyota

The Breinigsville community is proud to present Krause Toyota with not one, but two awards, which they well deserved; one for their excellence in leadership and the other integrity in running a small business. These are important awards because they are based on the honest opinions of their employees and customers.


Joe Harris

Joe Harris has been working in the automotive sales business for 31 years now, working at many different dealerships. Krause Toyota has been the best of them all according to him. “I never worked for an owner that appreciated me until I worked here, and that is because the owners are actually here every day working,” Harris said. “They see everything we go through on a daily basis.”

Vicki Phillips

Another employee, Vicki Phillip, who is an office associate, knew she would love this place during her interview to be hired. She remembered the occasion saying, “The women in accounting were the first people I saw. I knew right away that I would fit in with them. They were absolutely warm and welcoming. Everybody here is compassionate. They truly care about you and appreciate you and what you do for them. It’s very nice to feel appreciated. People aren’t down in the dumps here. When you come into work, you know you’re going to have a good day.”

Krause Toyota Found in The Morning Call
Krause Toyota Found in The Morning Call

Overall Caring Environment

In an industry that is putting more pressure to sell more and more, Krause Toyota makes it a point for their employees to have a balanced life. Most places in the area require employees to work on Christmas Eve at some capacity. Krause Toyota is closed for the holidays so they can spend time with their family.

It seems like one of the few places where all 39 employees work together to give the best experience not only for the customers but themselves as well. If you look around the dealership you will see so many smiling faces, and you can tell the people are happy to be there. It is because of this, that they have earned the Leadership Award, as well as the Small Business Award.


We recommend you experience this for yourself. Stop by Krause Toyota in Breinigsville, PA and see all the smiling faces. You will be glad you did.

The Standard Safety in the 2017 Toyota Highlander Gets High Rating

2017 Toyota Highlander

Toyota is a popular automobile manufacturer for a reason. Toyotas are comfortable, reliable, and safe. Really safe. For some time, Toyota has offered one of the safest overall lineups, earning more Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick + awards than any other manufacturer. The 2017 Toyota Highlander is one of many Toyotas on the list.

 The Top Safety Pick + award is the highest one given by the IIHS. To qualify, an automobile must pass five different crash tests with good ratings. These tests examine a vehicle’s front end, its sides, its roof strength, and its head restraints. A vehicle must also have acceptable or good headlight ratings. If a vehicle can pass all of these standards, then the IIHS rating will indicate that it is one of the safest options in its vehicle class.

 With so many advanced safety features and technologies, there are many automobiles who receive these awards from the IIHS. However, Toyota’s mid-size SUV is an exceptional example. Where most other vehicles only meet these safety ratings with the addition of optional features, the 2017 Highlander is safe and secure from the get-go, no matter which trim you choose. It’s the standard safety in the 2017 Toyota Highlander that makes it a Top Safety Pick plus. The Highlander is one of many Top Safety Pick Toyota vehicles, and one of many ways in which Toyota continues to put the customer’s best interest first.

Toyota Supports Stay in Step Program to Help Paralyzed Veterans

Here at Krause Toyota, we’re proud to work for a brand that takes community service and social activism very seriously. Most recently, Toyota lent its support to the Stay in Step program, which is an injury recovery center. Toyota joins Romy Camargo, who was injured by a sniper bullet on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, in the Stay in Step effort. Camargo and his wife opened the center to help people with spinal-cord injuries make fuller recoveries.

Toyota donated $300,000 towards the facility, helping it reach its $750,000 fundraising goal. “Supporting Stay In Step is aligned with Toyota’s corporate vision to lead the way to the future of mobility and enrich lives around the world with the safest and most responsible ways of moving people,” said Simon Nagata, executive vice president of Toyota Motor North America. “Toyota is proud to support Stay In Step and the tremendous work of Romy and Gaby.”

Stay in Step will make use of special strength and conditioning workouts, add a “never quit attitude” approach, and push the boundaries of what people think possible in the world of spinal-cord injury recovery. Come see us here at Krause Toyota to learn more about this new Toyota-sponsored facility.

Toyota Mirai Production Boosted Before Debut

When Toyota first announced the sale of its first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, called the Mirai, the vehicle garnered a lot of interest. After the Mirai made its debut a few months ago, this interest increased drastically with over 16,000 orders in the United States alone. Because of this, Toyota Mirai production is already being increased, even though the eco-friendly vehicle isn’t in dealers’ showrooms yet.

The Mirai uses hydrogen to create a zero-emissions method of transportation. Instead of gas exhaust, like many cars emit, the Mirai’s exhaust is actually a pure water vapor that does no harm to the environment. The vehicle is currently on sale in Japan, where it is also produced, and it is proving to be extremely popular.

The Toyota Mirai can be leased for $499 a month and will be arriving in the United States in October. While the vehicle will be produced in a small volume, it’s possible that this is the step the car industry needs towards mainstreaming hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. For more information about the Mirai, contact Krause Toyota today!