How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

keep your Christmas tree fresh

For many families, one of their most beloved Christmas traditions is picking out a fresh Christmas tree. While an artificial tree won’t leave needles on your floor, nothing can beat the smell and sight of a live tree. Here are a few simple steps to keep your Christmas tree fresh for the entire holiday season.

  1. Choose the right tree. Head to a local tree farm where you can choose and cut your own tree. This will not only give you the freshest tree, but you will also know it is from a sustainable source and the trees will be replanted. If a tree farm isn’t an option, ask when the trees were harvested and make sure the needles are still soft and bendable. Give the tree a gentle shake and see how many needles fall off.
  2. With your fresh tree in hand, you need to get it into water as soon as possible. If you’re buying a pre-cut tree, ask the dealer to cut off the bottom inch of the stump so the tree can absorb water. Within 3-4 hours, the tree will seal the base with sap if it isn’t placed in water.
  3. Once the tree is in your house, keep it away from heaters, direct sunlight, and fans to prevent it from drying out. Make sure it always has plenty of water in the stand—it may need to be watered daily. Using LED lights can reduce the risk of fire since they stay cooler than standard lights and they use a lot less energy.

If you follow these recommendations, tree experts say this should keep your tree fresh for at least a month.

Do you have any tree care steps you always take to keep your Christmas tree fresh? Share them with us here at Krause Toyota Scion in the comments below.

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