Toyota Engineer Awarded Patent for Roadway Technology

Congested roadways

Toyota is currently working on a technology that optimizes the speed limits on roadways based on the current traffic flow. This technology could help in improving roadway congestion and improve the overall safety of drivers.

Hideki Hada is the General Manager of the Integrated Vehicle Systems Department in the Toyota Technical Center (TTC). In 2004, he joined the TTC as a Senior Engineer for the creation of government-industry collaborative projects to develop wireless technologies for advancing safety systems. Safety is still one of Hideki’s main concerns, which led to the patent he recently received for Vehicle Speed Indication using Vehicle-Infrastructure.

Hideki explains it this way, “Cars transmit their actual traveling speed to highway infrastructure via Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC). The highway infrastructure management system collects that data and calculates an optimal traveling speed of vehicles on that highway based on the traffic condition in the area.  This optimal traveling speed is sent to vehicles again using DSRC wireless communication.  By these vehicles following this suggested traveling speed, the flow on the highway is improved (smoother, no congestion).”

Basically, this system would use real-time roadway information to adjust speed limit signs based on congestion and traffic flow. For example, if there was traffic congestion five miles ahead, by adjusting the speed limit of the roadway by a few mph, it could delay other vehicles from arriving to that location, which could lessen or resolve the congestion altogether. This would also improve the safety of drivers.

This technology could lead to some major changes in our roadways. Hideki acknowledged all the help he’s been receiving to get this project moving, “This patent signifies TTC’s capabilities to create innovative ideas for the future transportation systems and I am happy to be a member of this great team.”

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