Reused Toyota Batteries To Help Bison In Yellowstone

Turns out, driving a green vehicle can benefit the environment in surprising ways. You should know that the next time you take your Toyota hybrid or electric vehicle for a spin, you could one day help the most iconic of America’s wildlife, the American bison.

Green Car Reports explains that battery packs for electric vehicles can still have “usable capacity for other applications” even after they’re unfit for use in vehicles. Applications like storing solar energy, for instance.

Batteries previously used in the Toyota Camry hybrid, 208 in all, were recently repurposed to do just that. They were revamped, “disassembled and tested,” and then rewired to work in parallel and receive the energy that will be collected by solar panels. These batteries will help provide the energy for the buildings that comprise the Lamar Buffalo Ranch at Yellowstone National Park.

The power array of which these repurposed Toyota batteries are a part produce about the same amount of energy needed to power six US households annually.

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