Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Tool-Savvy Dad

father’s day gift ideas

Other than a tie, a tool for the garage may be the most predictable gift for Father’s Day. It’s predictable because it works! And it works especially if your dad is the kind of dad that spends an exorbitant amount of time in the garage. Father’s Day is June 21st this year, so to help you get a head start, we’ve provided a few Father’s Day gift ideas for the tool-savvy dad.

Chances are, your dad already has a ratchet set. However, chances are that he’s missing quite a few sockets and possibly a ratchet. Why not get him a high-quality set?  It can’t hurt.

Don’t make your poor dad paint with a roller or paint brush! Think about getting him a spray painter. Not only is a spray painter easier, it makes for a better looking paint job.

How about tools on wheels? A rolling tool chest allows your dad to “move his tool set around the garage with him,” according to Popular Mechanics. If your dad is getting a little long in the tooth, he’ll probably be grateful for this gift – just don’t expect him to say so.

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