Toyota Mirai Opens for ADAC Rally Deutschland

Toyota has designed a custom version of their Toyota Mirai that opened for the ADAC Rally Deutschland near Trier, Germany. While the Mirai only took a brief spin around the track prior to the actual race as opposed to actually competing, the car, which functions by making use of a fuel cell and electric motor to spin the front wheels, definitely turned some heads.

The Mirai used in the rally, though sporting a few modifications, is mechanically identically to the US Mirai sedans available in California. Due to its low center of gravity and compact size, the car is capable of going from zero to 60 in under ten seconds. Its chief engineer Yoshikazu Tanaka even expressed his dream to eventually create fuel cell vehicles that will compete in WRC.

The Mirai will unfortunately not be making a reappearance at the World Championship, as Toyota is using a Yaris as its World Rally Car, but Tanaka’s dream creates an image of the future where ADAC Rally Deutschland’s spectators can enjoy all the fun of rally racing without the pollution and fuel emissions of the average modern rally car.

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