Fourth Generation Prius Debuts in Las Vegas

As of September 8th, Toyota will be revealing the new fourth generation Prius, the hybrid’s first redesign in seven years. The iconic and well-known car – whose name has now been in the mainstream market for over fifteen years – is rumored to be receiving a sharp makeover, a fastback body, and LED headlights.

The new Prius will also be getting all-wheel drive and an estimated 148 HP, in addition to Toyota’s New Global Architecture, which provides the car with enough battery upgrades to raise the Prius’s all electric range from 11 miles to 35. While Toyota has announced that a plug-in hybrid variant will be making an appearance next year, Las Vegas will be meeting the hybrid-only version. The interior has also been completely redesigned, with an infotainment touchscreen, three-spoke steering wheel, and a display screen that allows the driver to track the car’s performance in real time.

Toyota seems optimistic that the car’s new, more aesthetically exciting look could lure in new buyers, while the eco-friendly improvements to the fourth generation Prius will keep the environmentally-conscious fans it already has. We at Krause Toyota are excited for it!

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