Toyota Presents New Models at Tokyo Auto Show

Tokyo Auto Show

Toyota has unveiled some seriously unique models at this year’s Tokyo Auto Show. The three models that drew the most attention include the all-new Prius, the C-HR Concept, and the FCV Plus. Dedicated towards improving fuel economy and reducing emissions, these models have some innovative features.

According to Toyota, the new Prius will have a sleek new style. This hybrid will be made to look more sporty and athletic thanks to a lower center of gravity, contoured lines, and bold colors. Under the hood, an upgraded hybrid system has over 40% thermal efficiency and a large boost in fuel economy.

The Toyota C-HR Concept is a futuristic compact crossover. Setting new standards for urban-friendly SUVs everywhere, this model looks one-of-a-kind. With precision-cut gemstone surfaces, a low grille, and swooping silhouette, you could recognize this model from a mile away. It doesn’t just look pretty, though: the C-HR has lightweight hybrid system that’s both efficient and powerful.

Finally, the FCV is out of this world. The body has a distinct frame structure to convey advanced technology and environmental performance. Plus, under the hood this model has a pressurized hydrogen fuel system, making clean-burning, fast-filling, and renewable energy.

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