National Election Day is November 3rd: Get Out and Vote

National Election Day

National Election Day is right around the corner on November 3rd. Because this year is a non-presidential election, many voters forget about voting day. Nonetheless, there are still several important issues on ballots across the US, making it imperative you get out and vote.

What happens on Election Day? According to Time and Date, this is the time for American citizens to cast votes for popular ballots. These include elections for public officials at local and state levels. Local elections typically include things like city council members, city levies, and more.

Why vote? Aside from having your voice heard, non-presidential elections actually tend to give voters more power. That’s because officials are elected by popular vote, as opposed to an electoral college. In other words, your vote counts. Plus, with less overall voters in local elections compared to national ones, it’s possible that a few votes could be the deciding factor.

Remember, get out and vote on November 3rd.

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