Importance of Changing Your Oil

Changing Your Oil

Routine maintenance is the key to keeping your car running efficiently for as long as possible. Forgetting to change the oil once or twice won’t drastically affect your car’s lifespan, but never changing your oil will cost you in the end. Oil plays a vital role within the engine and here at Krause Toyota, we’re sure to change our oil as often as needed.

The most important role oil plays within the engine is lubrication. It lubricates the many moving parts to keep them from damaging one another. Second, it prevents carbon and varnishes from building up. Lastly, it carries away some of the heat generated by the constant explosions within the cylinders.

Knowing when to change your oil is a simple matter of opening your owner’s manual. Quick change oil outlets are sticking with the 3,000 mile rule, but most modern vehicles require an oil change every 7,500 miles, making the 3,000 mile rule outdated.

If you don’t change your oil, carbon and varnishes could build up on the camshafts and valves. That can cause sludge to form and the only way to remove it is with an expensive engine cleaning. Even worse, your camshafts could be damaged or the pistons could seize altogether.

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