Toyota’s TRD Pro Series Brings Showroom Style and Off-Road Fun Together

Toyota’s TRD Pro Series

Right now, Toyota might not be the first name to pop into your heard when you think of off-roading, but the dependable and valuable brand is currently looking to change that. Come see us at Krause Toyota Scion to check out Toyota’s TRD Pro Series, vehicles with enough style to light up any showroom and enough grit and tough-as-nails design to conquer any terrestrial challenge. TRD stands for Toyota Racing Division, and these cars are guaranteed to get your heart, as well as your Toyota vehicle’s engine, racing with excitement.

Three Toyotas—the Tundra, 4Runner, and Tacoma—received the TRD treatment for this year, and Digital Trendsdescribes them as “having been turned up to eleven.” It’s no exaggeration, either; whether you’re looking for a capable off-road truck or SUV, these Toyota vehicles have all the design and determination to take you anywhere you want—especially if the path is unpaved.

All three TRD series Toyotas come in a beautiful, bright orange exterior palette, making them hard to miss even when covered with mud. Make sure to keep an eye out for that special orange paint here at Krause, because the TRD series will have a limited production run this year, somewhere around 3600 vehicles total. So far, our favorite is the 4Runner, but feel free to stop by and try to change our minds!

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