Toyota Safety Sense

Toyota Safety Sense

There’s little doubt that driving a car can be dangerous, even if there’s no one else around you. Fatigue and wildlife can be just as dangerous to a driver as another vehicle, and that’s where Toyota Safety Sense comes into play. In an effort to reduce the amount of dangers and decrease the chances of an accident, Toyota Safety Sense is an all-encompassing system that brings top safety technologies to the road.

Toyota Safety Sense operates in three major areas: preventing frontal collisions, keeping drivers in their lane, and optimizing safety while driving after dark. To do so, the safety system employs a camera, laser, and radar that keeps an eye on the road at all times.

The Pre-Collision System detects vehicles in front of the car and detects when a frontal collision is imminent. The system warns the driver to take action and brake via both an audio and visual alert. If the driver fails to act, the system will automatically apply the brakes, effectively reducing overall damage and injury or avoiding the collision altogether.

When equipped with the Pedestrian Detection Function, the system can detect pedestrians based on size and motion. Like with vehicles, the system warns the driver and takes action if the driver fails to brake.

Lane Departure Alerts keeps a close eye on the lane markings on either side of the car and alerts the driver if the vehicle starts to drift. If the driver fails to act accordingly, then the system uses corrective steering to keep the vehicle in its lane.

Automatic High Beams help drivers keep a bright eye on the road at night. This system uses the camera to detect headlights and taillights of other vehicles and switch between high and low beams accordingly.

Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control acts like standard cruise control, but can keep a specified distance between other vehicles. If a vehicle ahead of the car is traveling at a lower speed, the system adjusts the car’s speed accordingly in order to maintain that distance. When space between vehicles increases, the system accelerates and returns to cruising speed.

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