There Might Be a Driver’s License App Coming Soon

Driver's License

Getting Rid Of The License?

With the advancement of digital technology, with each passing day you can access more features on your smartphone. This means many people don’t even carry physical money—they just use an app on their smartphone to pay for what they need.

Developers are currently working on another way to cut your ties with physical objects in the form of a driver’s license app. In four states and Washington, D.C., they are working through the details of a pilot program.

With this app, you would never have to worry about forgetting your wallet or losing your driver’s license. It would always be available to you right on your smartphone. In addition, the app would let you limit the amount of information visible on your license to different people.

For example, if you just need to show proof of age when purchasing alcohol, you could select the option to just show your photo and birthdate. If you get pulled over, choose the option that shows all of your information before you hand it over to a police officer.

Just like any other new technology, there are still a lot of issues to work out. This includes the problem of handing your phone over to a stranger with all of your private information. However, the developers say they are working on ways to make the license app work without giving access to other information on your phone.

Here at Krause Toyota, we are always impressed by the advancing technology of the modern world.

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