511 System – What Is It & Pennsylvania’s System Details

511 System
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National Resources 

We all have a mental list of phone numbers we remember – 911, 411, and the numbers of family members and friends that we’ve memorized over time. You might want to consider adding another number to that list: 511. 511 connects to your state’s traffic information system, providing you useful information while traveling and functioning as a national resource for travelers.

The 511 system is run by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration and provides real-time traffic information to drivers. All you have to do is dial 511 (or, if you’d like, 877-511-PENN for PA drivers) to access the system and receive information on things like road closures, accidents, route detours, weather alerts, and more.

You can access the 511 system in a multitude of other ways, depending on whichever method you find most convenient. For Pennsylvania, you can download the 511PA smartphone app, which gives you convenient access on the go. You can also go to Pennsylvania’s online webpage (511PA.com), go to the statewide twitter page (@511PAStatewide), or go to the 511PA twitter page specifically dedicated to your PA region to see up-to-date traffic information. To personalize your 511 experience even further, you can sign up for Personalized Travel Alerts, allowing information on your daily commute be delivered directly to you without any effort. For such a useful system, it’s worth memorizing 511.

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