The Essential RAV4 Kayaking Accessories

RAV4 Kayaking Accessories

The perfect ride for adventurous drivers of all sorts, the Toyota RAV4 offers the versatility and performance needed to take your kayaking hobby with you everywhere you go. If you’re a new RAV4 driver, a new kayaker, or just looking to take your lifestyle to the next level, check out these RAV4 kayaking accessories and get ready for more fun than you’ve ever had before in the great outdoors.

Rooftop carrier

Yakima makes arguably the best kayak accessories you can equip on your RAV4. From straps and tie-downs to full-feature boat loading systems, Yakima has you covered. The first thing you’ll need to get around with your kayaks is a good rooftop carrier. We recommend the new Yakima Showdown, a premium boat mount that offers waist level load and unload and a maximum carrying capacity of 80 lbs.

Paddle Grips

 You won’t get very far on the water if you don’t bring along a paddle. Thankfully, Yakima makes great Topgrip paddle carriers that are compatible with any Yakima mount system.

Extended carrying capacity

 If you are bringing the whole family or just a few friends along for your next adventure, you’ll need the ability to carry more than a single kayak. For additional carrying capacity, check out the Yakima Bigstack, a padded boat mount system that allows you to load your RAV4 with up to four kayaks.

Here at Krause Toyota, we wish you the best of luck with your wild outdoor adventures.

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