Teaching Your Teen Good Car Care Habits

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Along with teaching your teen driver how to properly merge on the highway and how a four-way stop works, you also need to teach them some good car care habits. If you can teach them how to properly care for a car while they are young, they will hopefully continue to do it as an adult.

Here are some of the most important items.

Keep Your Car Clean

Along with looking better, a cleaner car will last longer, too. Lingering dirt can eat away at a car’s finish or gradually deteriorate its carpeting. A thorough cleaning about once a month can help counteract these effects.

Change the Oil Regularly

Check your car’s owner’s manual to find the most accurate oil change schedule. Teach your teen to follow that schedule to get the most life out of his or her car.

Inspect the Tires

Every month, do a thorough inspection of all the tires. Look for signs of uneven tread wear, cracks or bulges, and check the overall tread depth. You should also teach them how to check the air pressure and refill the tires. This inspection can coincide with the monthly cleaning.

Replace the Wiper Blades

Every six to 12 months you should be replacing the windshield wiper blades. Go through this process with your teen.

For more car care tips, ask the Krause Toyota team for pointers.

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