Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Makes Debut in San Francisco

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle

The Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle, at least in San Francisco, is “coming soon” no longer. At the annual American Chemical Society meeting, Toyota rolled out the FCV, showing off their revolutionary new car before its official dealership debut next year. Hopefully, by then, the vehicle will sport a better, more memorable name as well, a name that better captures the radical and ground-breaking nature of the vehicle.

The FCV “runs on hydrogen and produces no exhaust other than water vapor,” giving it an advantage over other forms of electric vehicles “because they can refuel in as little as three minutes – provided the driver has access to a hydrogen fueling station – and can drive hundreds of miles on a tank.”

While the FCV will first hit Japan, then move to dealerships in the Golden State, here at Krause Toyota Scion we’re expecting the FCV to be a huge hit—and we’d guesss it will move across the United States very quickly over the next couple. Make sure to check back with us on the blog early and often for more fuel cell vehicle news.

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