Get to Know Audrey Belles

During Krause Toyota’s 60th Anniversary year, we want you to get to know us just as much we want to know you! Today we wanted to introduce you to Audrey Belles who is another great individual that works here at Krause Toyota.


Audrey’s favorite food: Mashed PotatoesMashed Potatoes | Allentown, PA

Audrey’s favorite car: RAV4

If Audrey could have any other job, she would: own a bridal shop

Audrey’s first car was a Mustang II – 1974 Brand New cost $35,000! She liked the color above all else, Bronze with Orange stripes! Sounds like a winner to me.

Cheering | Allentown, PA
What Audrey is like cheering at Mickey’s games

Audrey’s favorite sports team is her Grandson’s (Mikey) soccer team. She shows her support by going to the games and cheering him on!

Audrey has no pets but has two grand dogs and one grand cat

Audrey’s favorite song is: Sing to Me

Audrey’s favorite memory at the dealership: When the office “ladies” put bubble wrap under the carpet, Robert walked over it and when it popped we were called horse’s [butts]!


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