The Best Allentown Restaurants

Allentown is a city filled with busy people on the go, so it’s nice to escape from the rat race every once in a while to sit down for a good meal. Fortunately, eateries with delicious offerings are certainly not in short supply in this Pennsylvania city. The next time that you start craving a hearty meal, be sure to give these Allentown restaurants a try.

Griddle 145Food | Allentown, PA

If your stomach starts growling first thing in the morning, head on over to Griddle 145. This establishment specializes in breakfast and brunch offerings. Plus, there are plenty of unique comfort foods to chow down on, including an indulgent chicken and waffles.

Lazeez Fresh Mediterranean Grill

Allentown has one of Pennsylvania’s most extensive collections of Mediterranean restaurants. With so many of these eateries to choose from, it can be hard to make a decision where to dine. Still, Lazeez Fresh Mediterranean Grill manages to stand out amongst all of these competitors. With fresh falafel and delicious Shawarma sandwiches, this should be on the top of your list for places to eat in Allentown.

Union & Finch

If you’re craving food that a little more domestic, then head over to Union & Finch. This American-style bistro not only offers an assortment of mouthwatering burgers and other comfort food. It also has a fully-stocked bar filled to the brim with domestic drafts.

The Crust Pizzeria and Restaurant

Pizza is a must-have staple of small-town cuisine. While you could order a pizza from any number of pizzeria chains, you’d be better off heading to the local The Crust Pizzeria & Restaurant. The pizza here is thin and foldable, and there are plenty of pies to try. This includes the restaurant’s famous loaded potato pizza.

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