Follow These Fall Vehicle Prep Tips for a Safe Transition to Cooler Weather

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Fall is just around the corner, and while the weather that arrives with autumn may not be as hazardous as the conditions during winter, there’s still a lot you should do to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming change in weather. Here are just a few fall car preparation tips.

Change your windshield wipers

Rainfall and the downpour of leaves from aging trees can be disruptive to your commute before the chill of winter rolls in. Switch out your windshield wipers to create a clear line of vision during your fall commute.

Switch out your tires

Worsening your vision isn’t the only hazard caused by falling leaves. Once they’re scattered on the road, they can make the surface slippery. If the tread on your vehicle’s tires is showing wear and tear, consider switching them out for a new set.

Check your vehicle’s heater

Fall nights can often leave you with quite the chill, and once winter rolls around, those temperatures drop even further. That’s why it’s important to check your vehicle’s heating system during the fall before winter’s worst arrives.

For any assistance with your fall vehicle prep, be sure to consult our experts at Krause Toyota.

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