Budget-Friendly Ways to Personalize Your Car


If you spend a lot of time in your car, it’s important that it feels like home. Even if money is tight, there are plenty of great ways to customize your car on the cheap. With just a little thought and items that you probably already have lying around the house, it’s easy to enhance your driving experience without breaking the bank.


Bumper stickers and car magnets are a great way to let your personality show through your vehicle. Whether you want to represent your favorite band, brag about the cool places you’ve been, or make a statement about your family, there’s a bumper sticker for you.

Lumbar Pillow

A small pillow from the house can quickly transform your driving experience by adding a whole new level of comfort. A lumbar pillow might be just the thing you need to stay more comfortable throughout your day, especially if you have a long commute.

Good Luck Charms

Driving can be stressful. That’s why your car is the perfect place for a sentimental item that makes your car feel relaxed. Whether it’s a dreamcatcher, a crystal, or Feng Shui charm, hanging a special object from your vehicle’s rearview mirror is a simple way to make your ride a bit happier.


 Whether you’re into aromatherapy or not, there’s no doubt that certain scents have an emotional impact. Enhance your mood while driving by investing in an air freshener or essential oil diffuser that clips to your vehicle’s air vents.

Need more suggestions on how to customize your car to suit your personality and lifestyle? Give us a call here at Krause Toyota — we’ll be happy to share our recommendations.

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