How to Warm up Your Car Quickly

2019 Toyota RAV4 | Breinigsville, PA

As the winter months continue to creep in on us, so the does the freezing cold. Nothing says “winter” like sitting in a freezing cold car, watching your breath mist in the windshield. Despite popular belief, it’s a myth that you need to spend about 10 minutes heating up your vehicle up before driving it. In fact, it wastes money. Don’t fret, there’s a better way to warm up your car.

“Most cars are engineered now to warm up faster if you drive them than if you just let it sit there,” said Chris Lague, service writer at Partner Tire & Service. In other words, the best way to heat up your car is no longer to simply wait; a tip is to turn on your ignition without starting the motor. After a few seconds your fuel pump should start priming your engine. A primed engine more easily creates heat.

Don’t flip on your heater right away. The engine itself will still be cold, therefore the air coming off it will be cold as well. It should only take about one minute for the temperature to start to adjust. That’s about the time it should take for your oil to get from the bottom of your engine to the top. You can start your drive after idling for just a minute, then turn on your air to enjoy a warm commute.

For more tips for getting the most out of your car this winter, contact us at Krause Toyota. You can also set up a seasonal service appointment for your vehicle.

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