Fun Used Car Facts You Didn’t Know

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If one of your goals for 2020 including getting better at auto-themed trivia, you’re in luck. Here are four used car facts you may not have known before.

75 percent of auto transactions involve pre-owned vehicles.

It’s estimated that three out of four vehicles bought and sold on the market on any given day are used. That means people own and buy a whole lot more pre-owned cars than new ones.

Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota are the three most common used vehicles.

Which brands are most available in the used-car market? That would be Chevy, Ford, and Toyota. If you want to narrow it even further to model, the Silverado truck is the most available type of used car.

The most-searched price range for used cars is under $5,000.

Pre-owned vehicles come at a variety of price ranges. Most people who shop used are looking for a good deal, though, narrowing their search to used cars under $5K.

Pink is the least common color for used cars.

The used car market has a lot of color options for drivers to choose from. However, only a few hundred pink used vehicles are available at any given time.

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