Picnic Recipes to Spruce up Your Spread

Picnic | Breinigsville, PA

Fresh air is a lovely treat, and what goes better with fresh air than some fresh food? Try these picnic recipes from Delish to make your outdoor dining experience the culinary escape you deserve.

Simple but tasty: ham and cheese sandwich

Ham and cheese is a classic for a reason — and with this recipe, you might fall in love with it all over again. With mayonnaise to turn the outside into a crispy pleasure and a honey-dijon mustard mix to spice up the interior, it’s hard to go wrong with this picnic staple.

For the carb-counter: collard wrap bento box

This collard wrap provides a low-calorie take on the traditional bento box.  Hummus and avocado add a nice, creamy texture to the wrap, while shredded chicken or sautéed tofu provide heft. Add carrot sticks and a piece of dark chocolate for a full bento box experience.

Pasta for the whole family: chicken-bacon-ranch pasta salad

Pasta can be great hot or cold — and is the perfect dish to anchor any picnic spread. With crumbled bacon and cooked chicken breasts, this recipe is sure to satisfy meat-lovers afraid of the word “salad.” Though the recipe calls for ranch dressing, consider substituting barbeque sauce for a spicier alternative.

Salad with a fresh taste: avocado and tomato salad

This avocado and tomato salad takes everything you love about guacamole and adds more. Cherry tomatoes, corn, cilantro, jalapeño peppers, lemon, and cumin add a punch of flair to this veggie-based side.

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