Toyota Looking Toward a Safer Future for Drivers

Safer future for drivers

Although technology making vehicles that don’t require drivers is on the rise, Toyota is more focused on making a safer future for drivers. Rather than trying to deliver a driverless vehicle, Toyota is using automated technology to make vehicles safer.

Research into automated technology has yielded sensors, radars and cameras that all detect the surroundings of a vehicle. So, Toyota has chosen to use all of that new technology to help drivers drive safer, rather than eliminating them altogether.

Toyota has announced that they hope to put a range of crash-prevention technology in every one of its vehicles by 2017, and they will begin next year with some Lexus models.

The first iterations of preventive safety comes from remote sensing technology, which measures distance with a laser and uses the reflection to provide a view around all sides of the car. Not only with this show proximity, but it will also help improve mapping and GPS.

General Manager of Toyota’s Intelligent Vehicle Division Ken Koibuchi called it “a backseat driver without the nagging.” Make sure you come check out this new technology as soon as it’s available at Krause Toyota Scion.

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