Toyota Partners With Amazon to Develop a Cloud-Based Platform

Toyota & Amazon | Allentown, PA
Photo From Toyota

Amazon is about more than just delivering packages. It also provides Amazon Web Services, an on-demand cloud computing service. Recently, Toyota announced that it’s partnering with Amazon

to develop a cloud-based platform to manage data from the Toyota global vehicle fleet.

Toyota is transitioning from a traditional auto manufacturer to a CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric) mobility service provider. Their work with Amazon Web Services will create a unique “ecosystem” to analyze data from ride sharing or compute insurance from behavior-based figures. For example, the AWS could use Toyota driving telemetry to see how fast someone drives and how often the antilock brakes activate. It could also analyze turn signal use and use driver-facing cameras to determine drivers’ concentration levels.

The benefits of this technology mean quicker emergency vehicle dispatches, more timely vehicle diagnostic reminders, and better customer support. It will also lower insurance premiums if you’re participating in the Toyota insurance discount program.

Toyota is not the only company to partner with Amazon. The AWS is collaborating with Volkswagen, Uber, Avis, and self-driving heavy truck startups. Nonetheless, Toyota is uniquely positioned to benefit from this new alliance that promises to give its lineup an edge on the competition.

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