2015 Toyota Sienna Leaves Competitors in its Dust

2015 Toyota Sienna

Back in July, we gave you an overview of the 2015 Toyota Sienna, remarking on just how unique the van is in its segment. The minivan easily outperforms other vans and even includes cool little features like Driver Easy Speak, which allows you to chastise your kids (or annoy your kids) right through the car’s audio system. However, we now would like to highlight two very specific features that boost the Sienna past its competitors.

First, there’s the interior. Not that it’s just big, although, with a maximum of 142 cubic feet of cargo room, it certainly is that. It’s also that the car can fit up to eight passengers, and fit them quite comfortably, we might add. Even if you’ve got a big family to haul around with you, the Sienna has what it takes and then some.

That leads us to our second point: the Sienna is also the only minivan to come with an available all-wheel-drive feature, making it a capable and (dare we say it?) powerful offering in what’s usually considered a “frumpy” segment. Come see us at Krause Toyota Scion today to find out what else is surprising about the new Sienna!

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