Essential Summer Service for Your Toyota

2022 Toyota Highlander | Krause Toyota | Breinigsville, PA

It’s typically a good idea to get your car serviced around the turn of the season. That’s especially the case ahead of summer, as hot temperatures can really take a toll on vehicles. If you own a RAV4, Tundra, or other Toyota model, consider getting the following essential summer service done this July!

Get an oil change

Oil doesn’t just help lubricate your Toyota’s engine — it also helps cool it. As temperatures rise, that cooling power is more important than ever. Get an oil change to help ensure your ride doesn’t overheat next time you’re sitting in traffic on a hot summer day.

Check the tire pressure

Pressure fluctuates along with temperature. As the weather gets warmer, the pressure inside of your tires goes up, potentially leading to overinflation. Overinflated tires are prone to higher wear-and-tear and more likely to blow out when going over potholes.

Inspect the brakes

Summer is the season for driving. With more people out on the roads, you’ve also got more reasons to slow down in a pinch. If you get stuck in stop-and-go traffic or simply need to avoid a negligent driver, you’ll need brakes you can count on.

For all your service needs, visit Krause Toyota in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. Our service technicians can inspect your car and determine what it needs to last the season and many more to come!

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